Time to Negotiate! Managing The Sale Following Your Home Inspection

31959492_1660836460630258_3288629241339445248_nIn the world of buying and selling a home, home inspections tend to be the “gloom and doom” of the process, since maybe homeowners assume they’ll end up with a long list of required repairs and replacements to be done in order for them to sell their home. In this same way, those purchasing a home fear that results from an inspection could be the stumbling block in the process of continuing the sale, and they’ll be back to square one searching for a home. Fortunately, neither of these scenarios are entirely true. Yes, a home inspection is a time when any needed repairs will be noted, but they only disrupt the buying and selling process in a very small percentage of extreme cases.
When preparing for your home inspection as a seller, take care of as many apparent issues as you can before the inspection even happens. By repairing any broken shutters, gates, or fencing, taking care of clogged drains or leaky sink faucets, making sure appliances are in working order, etc. you are alleviating some of the details that become a headache when an inspector comes around. By doing this, you know that only larger scale problems or issues that are hidden from amateur eyes will be on the inspection report, and a smaller list means easier negotiations later on. For those buying a home, prepare yourself ahead of time for what you will/won’t accept from a seller. Also, keep your eyes peeled during your home showings and walk-throughs. If a broken tile or a cracked patio bothers you, you need to address that up front in your initial questions for the seller and/or your offer paperwork. This prevents problems that arise from trying to change an offer or manage negotiations further along in the contract process.
Once you actually have an inspection complete, deciding what to do with the results can be tricky, and this is where your realtor and the realtor of your buyer/seller will come into play. They are trained professionals who know how to negotiate the deal so both parties are satisfied in the end. For example, if an inspection report comes back saying the house needs an outside faucet repaired, some shingles replaced, and the water heater replaced, the homeowner can choose several options. They can choose to do everything and therefore guarantee the sell of the house, or they can pick and choose things off the list which they feel they can manage, and leave other items up to the new owner. Details of this process are best discussed with your own realtor who will be in contact with the buyers/sellers and their own realtors, and communication and compromise can take place. This leads to a positive buying/selling relationship and will (hopefully) leave all parties happy as they walk away from closing day.
If you are ready to buy a new home, or are preparing to sell your current one, Residential Inspection Consultants is ready to help. We serve clients in the greater Polk County area and Central Florida residents know they can trust us to be thorough, ethical, and the very best in the business. We are fully licensed and insured so you can have peace of mind when you hire us to take care of your home. Give us a call for your appointment!

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