Diving into the Details: Your Pool Is Part of Your Home Inspection

swim-ring-84625_640.jpgNothing makes you long for a good swim more than a hot summer day here in Florida. For that reason, many homes have pools as part of their backyard landscape, and once installed, that pool is considered part of their home and property, and therefore must be included in the property value, real estate listings, and, when you’re preparing to buy or sell, in your home inspection. Because of this, you need to make sure your inspector of choice is capable of, and experienced with, inspecting pools and pool areas of homes for sale.

Residential Inspection Consultants is one of the most trusted inspection providers in the Polk County area, and we are skilled in inspecting pools along with the rest of a home to make sure buyers or sellers can have peace of mind moving forward. Points checked during your home pool inspection can include (but are not limited to)…

  • Checking mechanical parts (including pumps) to ensure all are functioning properly
  • Inspecting tile/pavers in and around the pool
  • Inspecting pool screens for holes, broken pieces, etc.
  • Inspecting doors leading to and from the pool for security and safety purposes
  • If the pool has a pool gate, we will inspect this as well to make sure all parts are functional and secure

A pool is an important part of your home, and in many cases, is a selling point for buyers when they are moving to the greater Lakeland area and surrounding communities. No one wants to move in only to discover that the pool they looked forward to is a source of angst and frustration thanks to replacements and repairs needed from the very beginning. With a detailed home inspection, including your pool, you can have the peace of mind, and be prepared for any issues up front and have a plan to remedy them in place ahead of time, instead of unpleasant surprises after move-in day. If you’re preparing to move, or are preparing to sell your home, give us a call. We offer many options above and beyond home inspections, including wind mitigation, radon testing, and insurance inspections. We are ready and waiting to help you!

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